400 Words – About

What is 400 Words about?

First, allow me to ask you some questions:

  • Do you want to expand your general knowledge on various topics?
  • Do you, at least every now and then, experience a shortage of time?
  • Are you tired of using web browsers to search for content on different web pages, to get an overview of a new topic?
  • Are you generally a curious person?
  • Have you been interested in a topic, but due to too much information, failed to start?
  • Do you want to learn something new on a regular basis?
  • Do you want to get a general insight into a specific field of interest in less than 2 minutes?  Of course with an option to elaborate.
  • Do you want all that for free?
  • And in a standardized format?

If you have answered affirmatively to most of the questions, you found the right place. We, the authors of this page, have encountered the obvious problem – extreme saturation with excess information – way too often. At some point, we decided to do something to correct that and therefore we designed 400 Words.

400 Words in a web page/blog where we want to express the main point of a specific topic, may it be about black holes, or how to make the best “Dump-and-bake-pizza-pasta-casserole”, in just 400 words! For reference, a person reads on average 300 words per minute. Therefore, we believe that it should take, for an average person, to get an insight into a topic, less than 2 minutes (with observing the provided picture in the post).

pexels-photo-433639.jpegWe considered promising you the following:
“If you tune in to our website for less than 2 minutes per day, your general knowledge will grow exponentially!” But then again, we decided not to promise you anything. We hope that you will recognize the importance of knowledge, however minor it may be or seem at the beginning, and that you will decide to work on it on your own. At this point, you can freely use us as a tool. Nothing more, nothing less. It is true, however, here you will not be able to find everything but a lot.

We are here for every individual who wants to become every day a better person than he was yesterday.

And yes, every text is exactly 400 words long. Exactly 400 words. If it happens to be more or less, we will publicly apologize and send all subscribers a very special gift.

Stay tuned!


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