400 for History

Welcome to a new category of 400 Words.

We all have heard, read, studied and probably at some point argued about some historical topic. Here we could go the same way as so many before us and try to go from the beginning till the modern days and step by step explore historical events, facts, people, and so on. But that is boring. It will make you fall asleep faster than your high school history teacher. Thus, we have found a solution. A totally new approach to history.

The format remains the same, 400 words, no more, no less, but the content will be special. We will not be focusing on explaining the details of a historical period or event, but rather we will present only the most interesting facts of a topic, supported with the most important data that has to be in your repertoire as an educated person in the year 2018 and the most interesting part, we shall be busting myths. We will present you the actual truths, not the ones you think are true. We will shatter your convictions, present you a lot of new data and change your worldview forever. So be prepared!


As this is the first post, let us start with a simple question:
Who discovered America? Of course, it was Christopher Columbus. WRONG. How could he possibly have “discovered” America, if the Natives already lived there? Furthermore, the first European who landed on American soil also wasn’t Columbus. It was Leif Erikson, a Viking explorer who landed in nowadays Canada almost 500 years before Columbus did. And if you don’t know by now, the famous sailor made it just to the Carribean islands, so he actually never set foot on what we nowadays call North America.
And one more thing, Columbus didn’t set sail to prove that the world is flat. In his time, the well-educated population already knew that the world is round. He just taught that if he sails west, he will gain access to trading posts in India faster than sailing on the established route heading East. And for the record, when he returned from the “trip to America” he still taught that he visited Asia.

In the example above, you can see how easily history can fool us. But worry not, we are here and we are going to bring light into the dark secrets of history in 400 words at a time.


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