400 for History – Egypt

History of Egipt is long and full of information. We could have the whole 400 blog and write only about Egypt. But that is not the point. The point for us, and for you, our readers is to learn something new almost every day. And the easiest way to learn is if a person is truly interested in a topic. However, the interest does not suffice. If the information processed is not only useful but also interesting, the studying becomes fun, and then more knowledge sticks with us. Thus, we decided to state here the most interesting facts, myths and false truths about Ancient Egypt.

ancient art cosmos dark

  • The famous pyramids are not the only ones. Actually, there have been more than 130 pyramids discovered to date!
  • Paid workers built the pyramids, not the slaves.
  • The Great Pyramid of Giza contains 2.300.000 stone blocks.
  • If mummified, a person’s soul should live forever. That was the belief. We still don’t know about the soul, but we can say that the mummies we found live forever, or at least their stories. The wraps of a single mummy could be up to 1.6 kilometers long.
  • Animals such as cats and crocodiles were also mummyfied.
  • More than 700 hieroglyphs¬†build the Egyptian alphabet.
  • Maybe they needed so much so they were able to describe and write about mor than 2.000 deities thay believed in.
  • The diet of Pharaos mostly consisted of honey, bread, beer and vine, thus most of them were overweight.
  • Ancient egyptians had a good dental care. Toothpics were found in tombs, wooden toothbrushes as well. Also they invented toothpaste.
  • They inventted also locks, keys, paper and many other things that are common in our daily life.
  • Sphynx body was covered in sand, so it was made visible only in 1905.
  • Because the pharaos didn’t want flies all over them, they actually smeared servants in honey. So they became human fly catchers.
  • Although it could be hardly considered sun protection, both men and women wore makeup and it did help against the sunshine.
  • Also both men and women, with equal social status, were considered equal before the law.
  • Cleopatra was not only beautiful but she also studied astronomy, philosophy, mathemathics and spoke 12 languages.
  • Hatshepsut was one of only three female pharaos.
  • King Tut wore sandals with his enemies painted on the soles so wherever he went, he was trampling on his foes.

Hope you liked the interesing facts.

Thank you or shukran!


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