400 for Mars

Mars is a planet in our Solar System. As you may know, it is the fourth planet from the Sun but you may not know that it is the second-smallest planet. It is just half of the diameter of Earth.

The name Mars comes from the Roman god of war, but it is also known under the name “The Red Planet.” And I hope that you’ve heard about the ancient Roman god of war, but I will take a guess that you don’t know why Mars shines red. The red color comes from the iron oxide that is found on the surface of the planet.


Mars is very similar to Earth. It also has seasons, polar ice caps, deserts, valleys etc. Two captured objects in its orbit can also be called moons, and they are named Phobos and Deimos. Phobos will probably be torn apart and then Mars will have a ring. But that may happen somewhere between 20 to 40 millions of years in the future.

We mentioned ice caps but there is still no possibility for liquid water to form on the surface since the atmospheric pressure is only as strong as 1/100th compared to the Earth. Furthermore, the mass of Mars is less than 11% of Earth’s. Still, it would take “only” six Mars-like planets to fill Earth.

You would have to spend at least 687 days on Mars to spend there one year. Thay may be hard, not only because of the thin atmosphere but also because the temperatures vary from “very hot” – almost 20°C, to really cold – more than -153°C. Because it is mostly land, despite the smaller size Mars has almost the same landmass as we have. And all the land may also explain the fact that Mars is the host of the biggest sandstorms in our Solar system.

Olympus Mons is on Mars the largest volcano but more impressive is the fact that it, with 21 kilometers, the second highest mountain known to us in our Solar System.

An interesting fact for all the super busy people here: If you need your da to be longer to finish all your work, move to mars where you will gain almost 1 hour and 40 more in every day.

And for the people who think they are overweight: You weigh only 38% of your weight on Mars compared to Earth – almost 65% lesser gravity.

Want to move to Mars? Soon it should be possible!


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